Plans - "No Swimming" / "Ending // Starting"


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No Swimming” and “Ending // Starting” appear on different sides of the same coin — well, more so Vinyl — for the First Time! Audio has been remastered for the format; it is pressed at 33RPM on 140g Vinyl. All copies are Hand Numbered on their Rear Panel — Jackets feature a Matte Coating.
Pressed at Gotta Groove Records. Art and Layout prepared by Cody Almond. Mockups created by Corey Purvis.

"Pond" option might encounter imperfections when replay occurs. "Pond" will only be available through bundles for the aforementioned reason — this way, the customer has a copy both for exhibition and use. "Puddle" will be available separately, yet the client should understand there could be a similar result to “Pond”, where there is some issues, this time minor, in replay. Please note, these are slim chances, but we’re still obliged to mention them.

Manufacturing Process could take upwards 5 Months — this is a loose estimate, as the wait could be shorter or longer depending on the complexity of the order.
Product might differ from the examples shown. Material being pressed into the record, Lotus Leaves — in the case of “Pond”, might be substituted; only if the objects affect the integrity of the product beyond a certain point, in some way or form.

What do bundles include?
“Kiddy Pool” Bundle includes “Pond”, and “Ripple” — this option does NOT include the Alternate Art.
“Deep End” Bundle includes “Pond”, “Puddle”, “Ripple” — this option DOES include the Alternate Art — and Test Pressing. Test Pressings count with Invisible Ink Accents on a Matte White Jacket.
Please reference the Pressing Information below to know what each variation entitles.

If combining items — rest of our products or inventory — within the same order, all will be dispatched at the latest date, once all products are in hand.

Includes Digital Download of "No Swimming" and “Ending // Starting” as WAV File.

“No Swimming” can be found on Dark Red and Fluorescent Green Cassette through Chillwavve Records — both limited to 25 Units each.

Track Listing

  1. Bleeding
  2. Unsettled
  3. Sleep
  4. Do You Feel Anything
  5. Problem
  6. Dèpaysement
  7. A Week Away
  8. Pretense
  9. Deadlines
  10. Answering Machine

Pressing Information

First Pressing:
“Pond” Lotus Leaves inside Blue Nebula, /25
“Puddle” Chroma, /50 — color coordinated or random, to be confirmed.
“Ripple” Metallic Blue, /100 — 50 Units including Nirvana “Nevermind” inspired Art
Test Pressing, /25