Hechael, Fit the Bill - "Hechael / Fit the Bill - EP"


Available for the First, and perhaps Last, Time on 12" Vinyl is "Hechael / Fit the Bill - EP". Audio has been remastered for the format, and pressed at 45RPM on Standard Weight Vinyl. All copies are Hand Numbered on the colored Center Labels; features Matte Coating on Packaging.
Pressed at Gotta Groove Records. Art, Illustration, Layout and Mockups prepared by Corey Purvis.

"As Seen in TV" and "F and T in Fit the Bill stand for Farmer's Tan" might encounter imperfections in replay. "As Seen in TV" will only be available through bundles for the aforementioned reason — this way, the customer has a copy both for exhibition and use; on the other hand, "F and T in Fit the Bill stand for Farmer's Tan" will be available separately under the condition or pretense the client acknowledges this fact.

Manufacturing Process could take upwards 5 Months - this is a loose estimate, as the wait could be shorter or longer depending on the complexity of the order. Final Product might differ from the mockups shown — being the effect varies per copy.
If combining items — rest of our products or inventory — within the same order, all will be dispatched at the latest date, once all products are in hand.

All of the Above, Mega Bundle includes “As Seen in TV”, “F and T in Fit the Bill stand for Farmer’s Tan”, “Firecracker (‘Life Starts Now’ Alternate Cover)”, and Test Pressing.
Starter Bundle includes “As Seen in TV” and “Firecracker (‘Life Starts Now’ Alternate Cover)”

Includes Digital Download of "Hechael / Fit the Bill - EP" as WAV File.

Track Listing

  1. Never Meant by American Football
  2. Otis the Cow Says Perhapa
  3. Dumblr
  4. Home Tonight
  5. Your Song

Pressing Information

Blue, Red, and Yellow ParaWire Inside Transparent Neon Green "As Seen in TV" Wax Mage, /25
"F and T in Fit the Bill stand for Farmer's Tan" Random Color Starburst, /50
Transparent with Opaque Red and Blue Mix "Firecracker", /150
/50 Transparent with Opaque Red and Blue Mix are available with a screen printed Three Days Grace "Life Starts Now" Alternate Cover reimagined by Corey Purvis
Test Pressings, /25