Belligerence, Do Your Homework - "War Within Our Minds"


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Pressed at Gotta Groove Records, at 33 RPM; including Belligerence “Suicide & Sobriety” on Side-A, and Do Your Homework “If They Came to Hear Me Beg...” on Side-B. Art by Stan Ivan; Layout by Kai Blackwell of Lab 13; Remastered for Vinyl through Matt Riefler; Mockups by Corey Purvis.

“Leave Our Worries Behind" option might encounter imperfections when replay occurs. "Leave Our Worries Behind" will only be available through bundles for the aforementioned reason — this way, the customer has a copy both for exhibition and use, if any defects were to show. "The Pain I Gained Won’t Die in A Fucking XXX Mage" will be available separately, yet the client should understand there could be a similar result to “Leave Our Worries Behind”, where there is some issues, each time minor, in replay. Please note, these are slim chances, but we still feel obliged to mention them.
Now, we will be shifting most to all Creative Control behind the variation “Leave Our Worries Behind” to Gotta Groove Records; this means, results may vary from the product shown. We’ve based the example on the pitch, or entry, we will provide the Pressing Plant with.
Yet, one thing is certain, shreds of a Rorschach Test will function as an inlay for this release. (Fun Fact: Originally, some other names considered for this option were “Rorschach Test”, “What Do You See?”, “Launched Out of Trauma”, amongst others)

What do bundles include?

“Neci n’est pas Hardcore” includes ‘Leave Our Worries Behind’ (/25) and ‘Welcome to the Jungle Swirl’ (/100).
“God’s Gift to Texas Hardcore” includes ‘Leave Our Worries Behind’ (/25), ‘The Pain I Gained Won’t Die in A Fucking XXX Mage’ (/50), ‘Welcome to the Jungle Swirl’ (/100), and Test Pressing (/25).
If combining items — rest of our products or inventory, of the same type or category — within the same order, all will be dispatched at the latest date, once all products are in hand.
Disclaimer: Due to an influx of orders, from an array of labels and artists, Gotta Groove Records has stated their wait, or production, has been compromised and will take longer than expected; “War Within Our Minds” is expected to dispatch near the end of the year. We apologize for the extended wait time; yet, good comes to those who wait.

Purchase will Include a Digital Download of both “Suicide & Sobriety” by Belligerence, and “If They Came to Hear Me Beg...” by Do Your Homework, as WAV Files — sent separately, and manually, upon release of the latter.

Pressing Information

Test Pressings; /25
“Leave Our Worries Behind”, Rorschach Test Shreds Inside a Transparent Base with Opaque Burst; /25
“The Pain I Gained Won’t Die in A Fucking XXX Mage”, Random Color XXX Pour; /50
“Welcome to the Jungle Swirl”, Transparent Mix consisting of a Translucent Base with Black, Red, and Yellow Swirl; /100